If you have a free evening in London, you may want to visit a casino as an entertainment option. London is considered to be the gambling capital of Europe – or at least, one of the best. There are so many options to gamble in the city and all of them are very accessible. Whether you are a newcomer or a high-roller, you will definitely love the experience of visiting one of the beautiful casinos in London.

Casinos to visit in London

Here are some of the casinos that you should opt to visit while in London.

Empire Casino

This is one of the best casinos that you will find in London. It is also called The Casino at the Empire. It is located right at Leicester Square – which is the heart of entertainment in the city. And if you ever tire of gambling, which is really unlikely, you can step outside to visit the various establishments in the square. While in the casino, you will definitely feel like you are in Las Vegas. The casino hosts poker tournaments – with a huge guaranteed cash race. They also have Baccarat, Blackjack, and Pai Gow. Of course, there are various slot machines for you to play with.

The Park Tower Casino

Located in the Knightsbridge, this is definitely one of your options if you want to visit a casino in London. It is owned and operated by Grosvenor – which is why you know that it will be a great place to gamble. It combines a great playing area and fine dining too. If you are looking for a luxurious casino, this is where you should go. The experienced staff will help you with everything and will ensure that your stay will be comfortable and luxurious too. The atmosphere in this casino is truly unparalleled in this city. Among the games you can play includes Roulette, Blackjack, Stud Poker, and of course, slot machines.

The Palm Beach Casino

If you are staying at the Mayfair Hotel, you might want to take advantage of the remarkable Palm Beach Casino. It is one of the best in London. There are various cash games that you can join. These go on seven nights a week so you are most likely able to join regardless of when you visit. There are also high-roller tournaments that you can join – if you are lucky enough to visit while there is one going on. This casino is open 24 hours a day so it should be convenient for you to plan your visit around your itinerary. You can opt to book a private table or try out the various table games.

Playing online casino in London

If you are not in the mood to go out to visit a casino in London, you can opt to play online in the comforts of your room. There are many online casinos in London and that best part is, you can continue playing even when you leave London. Here are some of your options.

Vegas Paradise Casino

This is an online casino that is quite famous in the UK. There are so many features that will keep you entertained for hours. It offers various progressive jackpot games, table games, and slot games. The casino has installed high-tech security and encryption programme that will protect everyone who will play. They also offer welcome bonuses and promotions to make sure there is something new to offer their loyal players.

Cloud Casino

This is another online casino website that you can go to. It has a lot of selections when it comes to games. You have the classic blackjack, poker, and various slot games. They also have an exclusive VIP club that has all the attractive benefits and promotions. The website also has an exclusive list of games like the Sly collection. Regardless of what you prefer in gaming, you will find something that will keep you entertained.

As you can see, even if you are too tired to visit a casino in London, you can still opt to play online casino games. Of course, there are other online casino websites that you can choose from. Just take your pick and make sure that you have a reputable and secure site before you give your personal and financial details to them. Read more about secure and quick payments here.