There are a lot of facts about the environment that most people are not aware of. If you are passionate about saving the environment, you have to know the truth about it. Sometimes, knowing tidbits of information about something will motivate you to act on improving it. For instance, unless you know how a certain product or activity can harm the environment, you will probably not do something to keep it from happening. Or if you know the positive effect of a certain habit, wouldn’t you want to keep on doing it so you can keep the environment from heading towards complete destruction?

This is why these facts about the environment are worth knowing.

Facts about the changes and damages on Earth

Here are some of the facts that will make you realize how much the Earth is suffering in our hands.

  • Too much greenhouse effect is bad, but we still need it – otherwise, the temperature on Earth will be 0 degrees.
  • Making 1 kg of paper will require more energy to make 1 kg of steel.
  • 500,000 litres of water is needed to extract 1 kg of gold.
  • 1 kwh of electricity taken from a UK plug socket usually takes an energy worth 3 kwh to produce.
  • Using “Century Gothic” instead of “Arial” will save 30% of ink when printing.
  • The UK’s electricity generation system wastes more energy compared to the energy used to heat all the homes in the UK.
  • Humans go through 80 trillion aluminum cans each year. Recycling a 330 ml aluminum drink saves energy that is equivalent to 3 hours of electricity used to power a TV. A 500 ml aluminum drink saves 4 hours worth of electricity.
  • 27,000 trees are cut to supply the toilet paper demand in the world.
  • 75,000 trees can be saved if the New York Times paper is recycled every day.
  • 1 million sea creatures are killed yearly because of the plastic waste that is thrown in the ocean.

Amazing facts about the earth

Here are some of the most amazing facts about the environment.

  • The water content on Earth is the same. It is just recycled over time. What you have right now will still be around for centuries.
  • You cannot predict an earthquake using scientific instruments. But the most reliable method involves the observation of animals in their natural habitat.
  • It is only possible to recycle paper 6 times. Beyond that, the fibres will be too weak to be turned into another type of paper.
  • If you take all the gold in the core of the Earth, you can pile it up by 1.5 feet and cover the whole surface of the planet.
  • The inner core of the Earth is as hot as the Sun.
  • The Amazon forest is home to a third of the total land species on the planet.
  • The Earth is struck by lightning more than 8.6 million times each day.
  • The Earth regulates temperature, renews its skin, changes over time, and burns energy. That makes it a very big living and breathing organism.
  • The North Pole does not have any solid land. It is only composed of a huge sea of ice.
  • Only 5% of the Earth had been explored by humans.
  • 68% of the Earth’s supply of freshwater is frozen in ice – most of which are ice caps and glaciers. Russia’s Lake Baikal has 20% of the unfrozen fresh water.

What do you think of all these facts about the environment? Are then enlightening enough to make you want to save the environment?