The parks of London are just as important as the various tourist hotspots in the city. It is actually a good thing because it balances out all the buildings and the structures all over London. It gives the city a greener look that keeps it from looking too grim.

The open spaces and parks in the Greater London area give local residents and tourists a reprieve from the bustling city life. It gives active individuals a chance to exercise in the midst of nature. It allows families to spend a beautiful day playing in the park. The various parks in the city of London is a window to the magnificent nature that you will find in the English countryside. You can say that it is a convenient way to experience the wonderful sights of nature without venturing too far out into the city.

Best parks in London

Whether you intend to play with your family, jog around the park, or stroll with a loved one, there are many options to do all of these among the parks of London. Here are some of the best ones out there.

Hyde Park

This is one of the most loved parks in the city. It is huge and right in the centre – which makes it quite accessible. More than 4,000 trees make this park a beautiful oasis in this city jungle. It also had a lake, gorgeous rose gardens, and a meadow that is perfect for having a picnic or sports activities. You can also go jogging, cycling, skateboarding or skating. One of the remarkable features of this park is the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.

Regent’s Park

This park is 410 acres and was designed by the known architect John Nash in 1811. The rose gardens in this park are quite stunning. But the main feature in the park is the outdoor sports area. It is considered to be the largest in all of London. It can accommodate various sports like football, cricket, softball, and rugby. The park is also filled with several bird species and even waterfowl. The Open Air Theatre also holds shows every now and then. It is a great place to spend some time with your family and friends.

Richmond Park

If you love to go cycling, locals say that this is the best among the parks of London to do it. This is one of the Royal Parks in this city. It is home to an estimated 650 deer – all able to roam freely without coming to harm. This park is huge – covering 2500 acres of land. It has various cycle paths that go from flat to challenging. The park also has a riding stable and two golf courses. There are various hills that you can also climb so you can look out into the beautiful city of London.

St. James’s Park

Although this is quite small, being only 58 acres, it is still one of the most noted parks of London. That is because it is surrounded by 3 beautiful Royal Palaces.  It also has a lake – home to some pelicans that are usually fed by 2:30 in the afternoon. This place holds a couple of ceremonial parades that visitors can view openly.

Victoria Park

This park is the first public park in London. It is beside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It has a couple of canals, ponds, and a beautiful pavilion. The park also has tennis courts and grounds for various sports activities. This venue is usually picked to hold the biggest events in London – like the Field Day festival and the yearly Lovebox.

Greenwich Park

This is the oldest Royal Park in London. It has great views of the river Thames and the rest of the city. This used to be a hunting park with herds of deer. This is also where the Prime Meridian Line is. Other notable places in this park are the Royal Observatory. There are also several cafes that you can use to relax in.

These are only some of the beautiful parks of London. It is a must that you visit at least a couple of them to really experience what London is all about.