The Stave Hill Ecological Park is one of the many parks managed by the TCV or The Conservation Volunteers. This is a non-profit organisation that works to recruit and gather volunteers from all over the UK. These volunteers are called upon to create communities that are healthier and happier.

The focus of the group is creating an outdoor space that will bring people together. That involves maintaining the environment so there is a venue for everyone to gather and socialise. They are responsible for coming up with activities and various events to promote and improve a well-balanced life in the UK.

About the history of Stave Hill Ecological Park

The Stave Hill Ecological Park is one of the many locations that volunteers of the TCV can take care of. This park covers a 5.2 acre of land that is located on the Stave Dock. This is right at the centre of what used to be called the Surrey Commercial Dock. It is only a few minutes away from the Canary Wharf and the historic Rotherhithe.In 1984, the London Docklands Development Corporation offered the site to the Trust for Urban Ecology. It was meant to be a replacement for the first urban national park in Britain, the William Curtis Ecological Park. In 1986, the group initiated the landscaping of the land and in 1988 it was handed to the Trust to be managed.

Initially, the area was filled with a combination of water, reedbeds, and marshes. Birds and insects inhabited the place. Soon, it became pastureland before it was converted into the docks. Between the 1860s to the 1970s, the Surrey Docks continued operations and became the major timber port in the UK. Some of the areas were re-excavated and redeveloped into what now see in the park.

What to expect from the Stave Hill Ecological Park

The Stave Hill Ecological Park is open to the public. It has a full-time warden that manages the day to day operations. If you want to visit, it is located behind Bacons College and you can enter from the Russia Dock Woodland. You can also opt to enter from Stave Hill.Mainly, the park is a nature reserve, research area, educational facility, and a place of recreation. The place is meant to support the various wildlife thriving in different habitats composed on the woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, and scrubs. All of these habitats were created from scratch by cultivating the poor soil in the area. Some places had to be reinforced with sand and compost. These efforts are made to help the wildlife continue living in the area even as the community made changes that would have threatened their lives.

The Stave Hill Ecological Park is well-maintained by the volunteers of the TCV. They are responsible for removing any old growth to give way to the new ones. The volunteers make sure that everything is tidy, clean, and organised. The pond is kept clean and the surrounding shrubs are maintained too. The efforts of the volunteers make the park absolutely beautiful – regardless of the season. If you are interested in volunteering, they usually meet every second Saturday of the month from 11 am to 3:30 pm.